How did that happen?

There's just a chance that when ever you left the office on Friday or over the weekend everything seemed under control and your Monday was looking organised and calm.

If that pile of must take last minute material, late graphics, or catalogues has started to grow past the point where it fits in your suitcase or you can manage to carry it on and off the plane, our advice for what it's worth is to carefully pack it in a box, stick a label on it with your stand details and get in touch with us.

Tyron, Ruth and Daniel are  out in central London, collecting from people who have already booked in and they would be happy to help you out. Prices are a simple £2.75 per kilo and we only charge for what we collect.  

Delivery to your stand is the following morning and chances are that we'll have your boxes to your stand before you get to the Messe and certainly no later that lunchtime.

Call  020 3287 4198 or email and we can go from there.



Posted on October 6, 2013 .