Al Regno della Forma - Antica Formaggeria Bolognese

Some of you may remember a blog post I made a few weeks ago asking for the address of cheese shop in Bologna that we had visited before but lost the details of. The very kind people at Batch Services pointed us to “Al Vero Grana” so we headed off to shop for Parmesan only to arrive and find it closed.

We took a slow walk back feeling disappointed not to be loaded with large wedges of cheese and bemoaned our collective bad luck to find it closed. Walking along Via Oberdan we came across Al Regno della Forma, a small shop with a window full of wheels of Parmesan from the young (a year old) to the mature (5 years old). There was a reasonable sized line of people waiting to be served and the smell coming out as the door opened and closed was more than enough to entice us in.

After looking at the shelves full of date stamped cheeses we plumped for the 36 month old Parmesan and stumbled through a conversation to get some half kilo pieces vacuum packed. Its fair to say I’ve eaten a lot of cheese whilst in Bologna and driving to and from London so the  packs are as yet unopened but I don’t think it will be too long before I take a knife to plastic, savour the aroma and flavour.

Ruth is our resident designer, customer service contact, stop over and hotel picker, lover of cheese and chocolate. She keeps us all fed and watered in as healthy a way possible and has the ability to be understood in almost any language spoken on the face of the planet without speaking it.


Posted on August 31, 2013 .