Excess Baggage?


If you've had to book with another airline following the cancellation of BA flights to Bologna we hope you've managed to find a flight to get you to the show in time.

We've had a couple of conversations with people today who have decided to use us rather than check excess baggage with their new carrier because the rate they are being charged is higher. We know that sending last minute material to your stand with people flying out is a culture that runs strong in publishing houses. Sometimes it's the only way you can get it there, however, we suspect most people take it out because this is something they have always done.

If what you need to get to your stand is ready on Friday we will pick it up from you office and have on your stand during Monday. No need for you to worry about it carrying it home, through an airport or three, to a cab and on to your stand.

Will be very happy to hear that someone else is doing the carrying and your Health and Safety office just might aprove as well.

To get started email us thebfv@bookfairvans.co.uk or call 0203 287 4198 and speak with Daniel.