London to Bologna Cheese stopovers, Reims

We first stopped in Reims a couple of years ago (It might be longer) when Bologna moved its opening from Tuesday to a Monday. Why did we do it, someone needed help because they ran out of time and needed a van load delivered in a very tight time frame.

None of us had been before except Daniel, but being a child of 5 when you first visit doesn’t count, so we slipped over the channel via Eurotunnel and chalked up some French motorway miles before bedtime. Our hotel was one of the worst I’ve ever stayed in. I’ve travelled round the world with a backpack and no money and didn’t expect to find anything like this for the price that we paid. It really difficult not to be taken in by lovely images on people’s website.

Our luck changed early the next morning when I spotted a covered market setting up nearby. If you are ever in Reims on a Saturday it is just off the Place de la Republique.  Our “Roy” cooler boxes were soon filling up with cheese, saucisson, ham, bread and fruit, but mostly cheese.  Being a vegetarian makes travelling through France hard work, meat seems to come with everything, luckily Cheese ranks just under chocolate for me, and stops in France mean finding new one’s to try, this market certainly filled and ticked all our boxes.

On another stop over I managed to motivate our group to go sight seeing first thing in the morning, no mean feat when it involves men and getting up earlier than normal. We had a quick walk round the Cathedral, on to Place du Forum, the real reason for our early departure, to visit La Cave aux Fromages at number 12.

Luckily La Cave aux Fromages has a resident Anglophile who ran the odd two or three Nicolas wine stores in London back in the last century, so communication wasn’t limited to pointing and the distance between my thumb and fore finger for amounts. I said we wanted to stop of lunch and feast on local cheeses, twenty minutes later after tasting and talking I walked away with lunch and some other bits “To keep that will remind you of being in Champange.”

They don’t have a website that I can point you at which is shame but I’m looking forward to going in again and to the great lunch we’ll have. Reims is definitely on our stop list for Bologna.

If you motor to book fairs, we’d love to hear about your favourite stop over’s, post them hear in the comments box or email me

Ruth is our resident designer, customer service contact, stop over and hotel picker, lover of cheese and chocolate. Ruth keeps us all fed and watered in as healthy a way possible and have the ability to be  understood in  almost  any language spoken on the face of the planet and other yet to be discovered.