Our Roy is back!

He the original ,a one of a kind Roy and he’s back with us after an extended trip to the south of Spain with book fair vans person Jason, younger brother of Daniel.

To be accurate Roy is a Royal 12v thermo Electric Cool Box and this particular one was our first so he holds a place in our hearts. It also needs to be said the he is something of a snob when it comes to what we try and put in him. We’ve long since learned not to offer up ready made sandwiches, fizzy pops and chocolate bars because frankly the fuss isn’t worth it and his fan tends to make a funny noise.

Luckily for us he gets on famously with Ruth and he’s very happy to carry exotic cheese although he did once complain about a rather ripe piece of Époisses.

Fussy food snob or not it’s good to have Roy back.


Ruth is our resident designer, customer service contact, stop over and hotel picker, lover of cheese and chocolate. Ruth keeps us all fed and watered in as healthy a way possible and have the ability to be  understood in  almost  any language spoken on the face of the planet and other yet to be discovered.