Ready for Bologna, me neither!

I’ve just about managed to put the Christmas decorations away, remember a few birthdays, get flowers and card for my valentine and produced pancakes last night. Then this morning I had my first Bologna meeting and it seems to me, and everyone else attending, that it is creeping up unnoticed on the rails like a Grand National sweepstake pick.

The fact is that the doors will open on 23rd March for 4 days, we should all thank people like Sarah Pakenham for making sure we didn’t get a 3 day fair and London follows on 19thApril, so by the time we all get home, catch up with that huge pile of work that will be waiting for us, it will be time to head to Earls Court for 3 days.

Still I suppose it means that spring is on its way and if we all close our eyes and wish hard, it will be in full flow when we arrive. It will make a change from snow, ice and grey skies.

Now where did I put my sunglasses……?

Have a great time getting ready!