The last Minute World and Exhibiting at Book Fairs, a clash of Cultures?

It seems to us at the BFV that the world moves at such a pace today that everything is happening at the last minute.

We all work within that culture, deadlines are shorter, decision processes are squeezed and as for budgets, well let’s just say they are under more scrutiny that ever.

How does that world compare with the process of exhibiting at a book fair?

Show organisers don’t waste time contacting you after their last event to book you for the next one; discussions over what to show in terms of new product and how to get it ready run on in a seamless process from fair to fair. As for booking your meetings with the right people when do you start, when can you think about stopping?

Then there’s the hotels, flights, stand layouts, graphics, and dinners out with clients, your team, the boss, your contractor and anyone else you’ve forgotten. So many of these tasks need a form, email or phone call and everyone needs it sooner than seems possible otherwise you might miss then or find the price has changed.

At book fair vans we suspect that after moving house or office taking your team to an exhibition hall ranks up there for stress and anxiety. When it comes to getting your last minutes books dummies, presenter, catalogues or graphics to the stand we believe that you deserve to stay in control of your time.  Many firms offer low cost delivery to a hall but what’s the real cost of that in terms of time and what else could you get done and shipped?

We don’t ask people to be ready days or weeks in advance and we don’t need a form from you. If it helps our collections are happening on Friday 19th March, we arrive in Bologna on Monday 22nd during the morning and deliver to your stand.

If it makes sense to you tweet with us, leave a comment or email and tell us how you think we can help, we'll be delighted to hear from you.


Posted on August 31, 2013 .