Too soon to talk about the last minute?

We often wonder when is the best time to talk to people about how we ship those last minute important items that people need for shows like Frankfurt and Bologna.  Who wants to talk about the next show when you’ve just finished one and are still catching up back at the office with your work load? Who wants to talk when you deadline is looming?

It’s difficult to gauge with some many people having a different approach to what they need and how they work.

We really enjoy helping people at the last minute. Our clients either plan to work in this way and they need us to take a high volume to their stand or they need some help with a few boxes of material that just can be ready until after their normal “last minute delivery” has left.

Whether you a planner for the last minute or someone who just happens to get caught by an unexpected surprise shift in planning we’d love to help.

Tell us when it’s best to talk to you and that’s what we will do.

Daniel is our head of last minute, exhibitions since the early 80’s veteran, trained counsellor and Swiss army knife carrier. Loves driving through France because people avoid the motorways, hates paying to cross boarders just because they have a tunnel dug through a mountain…..