What does your existing last minute shipper really cost you?

We talk to a lot of people through out the cycle of book fairs. It’s good fun for us because we get to know a little more about you and to see if we can help make getting to a show easier for them.

Lots of people tell us that they use x, y or z company and have done for a long time. It makes sense; you know what your chosen supplier will and won’t do.  They probably email or fax you a form, fill it out read the small print and make a note in your dairy that the collection is something like a week if not more before the show opens.

The pricing is keen when you work like this and if what you need to send is sitting in a warehouse ready to call off it’s perfect but what happens when you’re not just selling from you back catalogue?

Depending on the amount of internal resources that you have available for concept work, making dummies and spreads you might find that to hit your shippers deadline means asking people to work late or engaging someone from your list of trusted freelance designers. We spoke to a few people about the costs involved for doing this and were surprised at the range of costs that are incurred. It might just be the people that we know but the range of fees was varied from £750 to £2000.

When your internal deadlines are dictated by when you r shipper and the amount of people you have available to do the work it might still make sense to spend even the lower end of the price range because your delivery costs are relatively small. It might even be ok from a budget point of view because who looks at these two areas on the same line? Not you, not your accounts department or even your FD?

We could not find anyone who was able to speak to us about other costs that might be related to working to a forward shipping date but we do wonder how much time and money is lost post show from leave and sickness just to recover from meeting deadlines.

With 3 weeks to go before the doors open at Bologna it might just make sense to have a conversation with us at book fair vans.

As ever we are happy to be proved wrong, sometimes it the only way to learn!

Daniel is our head of last minute, exhibitions since the early 80’s veteran, trained counsellor and Swiss army knife carrier. Loves driving through France because people avoid the motorways, hates paying to cross boarders just because they have a tunnel dug through a mountain. Contact him at Daniel@bookfairvans.co.uk