Manic Mondays

On a hot summers day it probably seems odd to be talking about the first week in October but then again we all know how time flies when you’re having fun or even working on a Frankfurt deadline.

So it seems to make sense to let you in on our secrets for #FBF10 (yes we do spend too much time on twitter).

You’ll probably know us as the people who work at the last minute delivering all you need to your stand, working just with those who exhibit at Book Fairs. This Frankfurt we plan to run a really last minute service leaving central London at 5pm on Monday 4th October arriving at your stand for tea time on Tuesday. It’s prompted by feedback we’ve had after Bologna and when we visited London Book Fair, flight chaos, excess baggage charges, silly prices for airline seats with no baggage limits, sore arms and aching backs seem to be the most common topics of conversation.

We’re happy to do the lifting, driving and lugging, whether it is one box of precious dummies or a few stacks of catalogues that arrived a little later than you planned, or you just don’t have the nerve to ask your driving out MD to squeeze a few extra items in the boot and you don’t even want to think about what you’ll leave behind to make room in your suitcase (It was always shoes for me but then I’m a boy).

We know from experience that the best laid plans can go astray but we think that you shouldn’t have to carry the can or even the boxes because a deadline moves backwards.

Still need convincing, we’re happy to come and see you, you’ll be able to look us in the eye and decide if we are people you like enough to trust with your important last minute material.

Please feel free to comment in the box below, as far as we’re concerned all feedback is helpful, whether you think we are barking mad, mildly interesting or you want to know more, we’d like to hear from you.

Daniel is our head of last minute, exhibitions since the early 80’s veteran, trained counsellor and Swiss army knife carrier, loves driving through France because people avoid the motorways, hates paying to cross boarders just because they have a tunnel dug through a mountain. Email him at


Posted on September 14, 2013 .