Opening our “Little Black Book.”

Little black book.PNG

Visitors to our main site might have noticed that we have a "Little Black Book" page which lists some of the really useful people that we've got to know over the years that BFV staffers have been around. We know many of you keep a file or a set of bookmarks just in case.

Of course we know a lot more people that we show on our site and some of them might just have something to say that can be useful to you in the run up to a show.

It seems to make sense to make space on our blog for some guest posts from our really useful friends over the next month or so. Their topics are going to range and we will let you know in advance who is coming up so you don’t miss out. No one who will guest blog with us is going to claim to be a superstar, expert or the first port of call for the best advice, however they are all people who we now, like and trust, which means that we are more than happy to give them time an space on thebfv blog.


Posted on September 14, 2013 .