Things that make thebfv's life easier: Tripit.


We found this app earlier this year and decided to give it a try out for our run to Bologna Book Fair.

Very simply put tripit creates an itinerary for a trip you’re planning and then makes then available on line or on your phone through its app. We created a trip to Bologna with a range of dates and then sent email in to tripit with confirmations for channel crossings and hotels. We also booked in our collections in London and deliveries in the hall which helped greatly with our team of drivers.

We didn’t need to print off reams of paper with the worry of that being lost and by using the sharing through the website we all knew where ever one else was during our eight day dash to Bologna. Once your trip is loaded up Tripit doesn’t rely on continued connections so it’s light on those expensive European roaming units although if you change anything you’ll need a connection to update it.

We use the free version as we don't need information on flights or collection of loyality card points but if we did I think its fair to say we would grab a version of Tripit Pro.

You can have a look around at we think it’s worth 10 minutes of any traveller’s time.



Posted on September 14, 2013 .