Boxes to Bologna

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We have to admit that there is more than a little rock n roll in some of the staff here at The BFV.

Jason still plays in a band, Ruth might just be our version of Robin Sparkles because she won't talk about her musical past, Daniel was a roadie and Tyron drove for a minor boy band .It's a problem making a play list for the trip but what we all agree on is that getting your last minute material through France and in to Italy is just like a short tour, vans, gear and motorway service stations. 

We think you are all pretty clued up or have people around you who have handled the odd book fair or ten, so you've already booked in with people who go in advance which means getting everything ready to leave at least one week in before the fair opens. But when something needs longer because it just does what happens then?

Book in with us and we will still get it to your stand for the morning of Sunday set up on the 24th and you've got yourself covered just in case because everyone has "Boxes to Bologna ..."

Nationwide collections 21st March with a special offer.

Central London Collections 22th March.

To find out more call 020 3287 4198, email or tweet us.

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