Beam me up Scotty

The sale of Edvard Munch's The Scream has made taken plenty of column inches over the last few days.

We suspect that during the next few week many of us will strike a Munch like pose and scream inwardly at the injustice of a deadline that doesn't work. That conversation, memo or email about when you have to be ready might just be the worse thing about the run up to Bologna Book Fair.

It's probably because we are the last people out of London to a Book Fair that we get to find out how much pressure people are under to get their last minute material completed. Some conversations have been about working to deadlines that have a little slack in them, another implied that colleagues in teams working on the show seem to think that there is a secret delivery run that involves a conversation with Mr.Scott and the Enterprise teleporter team.

Whether you favourite Montgomery Scott is the original James Doolan or Simon Pegg and his recent re-creation of the role we'd happly sign them up for a show or two, but one is sadly no longer with us, the other, we suspect would cause a budget problem and his Scottish accent really worries some of us at the bfv.

All this got us thinking. What do you do?

Do you give a deadline out to others and keep a little something up your sleeve or take Aaron Neville's advice to "Tell it like it is" and run the risk of others thinking that you've kept a little bit back because that what always happens.