Well, I feel so homesick I wanna go home.

Just like Johnny Cash says, after days of back to back meeting on your stand, receptions, drinks party's and dinners we'd feel homesick too..

Whilst it realtively easy for you to get home, you've probably got just enough energy to check out of your hotel and head to the airport, getting all those books, dummy's and presenters back might not be.

We know that some of you manage to get a lift back with your contractor or give books away to charity. Last time we checked over 80% of you said that you left most of what you take in Frankfurt.

Just in case that's changed with everyone watching their budgets it seems to make sense to ask again and if enough of you do want a economical way of getting getting home we will happly run a return service this Frankfurt.

As always with Book Fair Vans this will run as a pay for what you send service, no minimum charges of 100 kilos, no separate charge per kilo to deliver it from a warehouse that you don't own to your London office just a flat rate.

If you're still wondering why Johnny Cash and not the Beach Boys, it's the bongos and that feeling that when Johnny signs it you believe it. Not that we think you do anything too wild in Frankfurt.  And us? Well we might back a van up to the gates in hall 8 or sneak a few boxes up in the passenger lift up to 4.2, honest that's it.

If you want a return journey or just a one back from your stand leave a comment here or email us.

Posted on September 18, 2013 .