When it comes to Frankfurt Book Fair we all work in dispatch.

We regularly talk to people who are their companies last form of dispatch.

It doesn't seem to matter that they are working in rights, production, sales, marketing or are even on the board, when it comes to Frankfurt Book Fair and those last minute, worked on over the weekend presentation materials, you work in the dispatch department.

Aside from wondering what carrying that extra load from the office to home, into the cab (you get a cab to the airport don't you?), to check in, through security, along the walkway, into the plane and finally like an Olympic weightlifter pressing that load above your head into the luggage locker does to your energy levels; we've not even going to mention getting from Frankfurt am Main to the hall before the biggest trade fair of the publishing year.

But it does make you the heroine for those few short moments before people unpack and paw over that dummy while you hope that the pain in your shoulder or lower back will ease up.

Most important of all though you did it and it didn't cost your company a extra penny, after all you used the baggage allowance on your ticket, even if that did mean you left things like extra shoes behind, after all who needs shoes, not men anyway.

If you know you're the last member of the dispatch team to leave the office before Frankfurt Book Fair it might just pay to check the new, that's right new, checked and hand luggage allowances that many airlines are now operating, seems as though they have worked out what we've all been doing for years.

In tough economic times it seems that established airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa and the younger ones like BMI and Ryanair want to maximise your spend with them. Even the old perceived benefits of booking business or first class to get a larger allowance seems to be changing and you might find your last minute material attracting excess charges and or being loaded in to the hold.

Who wants their last minute dummmy's in the hold after all airlines never lose luggage do they?