Everybody knows everybody in Publishing

It's our experience that the people we have got to know are a friendly bunch who know lots of the people that we work with as well, we like it like that because although we only only work with people two or three times a year that friendliness helps us pick where we left off and makes life a lot easier all round.

When it comes to working with us for the first time we understand it can be a little but of a leap of faith, handing over that hard worked on last minute material. We've heard enough horror story's over the years about what's happened to those catalogues that never made it into the hall but at the same time if you don't know us how genuine does our " We always deliver on time" sound to you?

If you're stuck with material that you can't carry out to Frankfurt we'd love to help you and maybe the best thing for us to do is to introduce you to some of the people we know and let you ask them what it's like to work with us at the last minute.

If that starts to make sense do get in touch and we will start the hello's . Drop us a line or call 020 3287 4198