Carrying an extra suitcase to Frankfurt Book Fair doesn't make sense.

We’ve said it for years, it’s the core of our offer that you shouldn’t need to carry that extra case with you just before a major fair. So you can probably imagine how delighted we were when an email came in with the following text:

“After packing, carrying and getting annoyed about an extra suitcase to the past bookfairs, your offer sounds like a perfect alternative.”

It makes sense to let us do the lifting, carrying and driving. With that said you might still be a little nervous about handing over those precious, hard worked on last minute items that you need for your meetings. If it helps you feel more comfortable about working with us we are always happy to come along and say hello face to face giving you a chance to get to know us, decide whether you like us and can trust us enough to get your last minute material to your stand.

As an alternative we’re happy to put you in touch with people that have used Book Fair Vans in the past and you can ask them directly what it was like to work with us.

Feel free to leave a comment below, email us or call 020 3287 4198 and we can take it from there.