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Tips for a successful exhibition!

With mere weeks to go until the Frankfurt Book Fair, now is the time to make the most of the big selling opportunity you have amongst other brands.

Who’s going to be more successful on the day? It’s the businesses that consumers emotionally engage with; those that offer a clear, positive perception of what their business stands for.

Why should your brand take centre stage? Businesses that don’t have a brand or see the value in having one will fail to retain customer’s long term. The success of their business will rely on them probably being the cheapest in the market. Here’s how we look at it, if you had two identical books, both selling for the same price and one was published by Penguin and the other by an unknown publisher, which one would you purchase? Chances are you’d take the Penguin one every time. Why? Because we all have a positive understanding of what the business stands for.

So how can you be more like Penguin and stand out against other businesses in Frankfurt? Neue Media’s years of brand-led design experience allows us to offer you a few choice pieces of advice.

Those that have invested in a consistent brand will stand out. Take Penguin, it’s a brand synonymous with classic literature; its brand values are what attract customers, people will engage with them, remember them for what they are and offer not for individual book promotion.

When customers visit your exhibit what message/s do you want them to take away?

Your messages, both written and visual, should reflect the essence of your brand. Is your exhibition instantly recognisable as yours? If your logo wasn’t visible – would visitors still guess it was you?

Make sure everything on your exhibition has a consistent look and feel. An exhibition that looks like it’s been thrown together at the last minute simply communicates confusion and an amateurish approach to business. Remember each touch point of your business from business cards; sales rep emails and displays all represent the business. 

Common mistakes/things people forget to do:

 Make sure you take plenty of business cards with you, running out before the exhibition is over makes you look unprepared.         

Provide a proper display area for your marketing materials so a)people can collect it easily, b)it’s simple to offer to anyone you’re talking to.    

Do not forget to add your website, email, phone number to marketing materials and make sure they work. 

Remember, this is an opportunity to add to your database – have you thought of a way to gather people’s data i.e. phone numbers, emails, areas of interest etc?   

Don’t cut corners by printing your marketing collateral on the office printer, it will send completely the wrong messages.

There are so many things you can do to make your exhibition successful. If you’d like to learn more we’d be happy help.

Lena Robinson is Business Development Director of Neue Media, one of our trusted friends and a person who opinions we rate, particularly when it comes to Branding. You can reach Lena through on twitter @Neue_Media or by calling +44 20 7490 2726.