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Frankfurt 2012 – We are leaving later to give you more time to get ready.

Frankfurt 2012 – We are leaving later to give you more time to get ready.

We’re sure that you all have Frankfurt Book Fair dates marked on your calendar, highlighted on a wall chart and just in case anyone had forgotten and needs reminding you’ve added it to your email signature as well.

So no one needs us to tell you that it’s happening between Wednesday10th to Sunday14th October. We didn’t think so…

One date we would like to share with you is Monday 8th October. We can take a wild guess and say that it might be your last full day in the office before heading out to renew your relationship with a patch of the Messe that is forever (well at for 6 days anyway) yours. It’s also the day that we are leaving for Frankfurt to renew our relationship with European roads and the wide open spaces that surround each hall at the Book Fair.

Collections will happen up to lunchtime on the 8th with delivery to your stand during the morning of 9th in time for you to arrive from the airport and get ready to unpack all that hard work that has become your last minute, must have material for the stand.

We’ve made the change to offer you as much time as possible to get what you need ready and shipped without having to persuade people in your teams to make do with two less pairs of shoes in their suitcase, suffer the effort of carrying extra luggage to and from various check-in desks for overweight baggage and avoid the costs of using big name courier services.

Nothing else has changed. We are still proud to the people that only charge you for what you send, without a minimum weight or asking you to fill in forms that mean you second guess exactly how much you need to send out weeks in advance of having it all ready. You can still track you boxes and find out who signed for your delivery if you’ve not arrived at your stand when we do.

If you would rather have us come and see you, like we have for a good few year on Friday 5th, because Monday doesn’t work for you,that’s fine just ask. We’re happy to help whenever you’re ready. Change doesn’t always work for everyone and we wouldn’t want to put you through it if you don’t need the extra time.

To get started call 020 3287 4198, email or tweet @thebfv and we’ll go from there.