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We Know you Trust us and we'd Like to Prove it.

When we get back from a book fair and have finished everything that needs to be done, we sit, meet and talk about what we might need for the next one. One thing that kept cropping up on everyone lists of things to do was a proof of delivery system (POD).

We are meticulous with making sure we know what we picked up, how much it weighs and where it needs to be delivered to. Our system works and perhaps more importantly we don't want to ask you to spend time filling in forms, completing faxes or replying to stacks of emails, we don't like doing it and suspect you feel the same. From what you have told us forms seems to lack a human touch and a level of personal service that we feel goes against what we believe we should do which is getting what you need to a book fair at the last minute with the minimum amount of fuss.

While a POD system is on everyone's list of things to do it has caused a great deal of discussion and the odd heated debate or two because too many systems needed to significant change how we work with you.

After some testing on live projects we have found something that works the way we already do meaning that from Bologna Book Fair this year we will be asking you to sign on your drivers mobile phone when we pick up your boxes. In the hall we'll do the same and if we are leaving your boxes with a contractor or third party we will take a photo as well so you can see where they were left.

Photo's and signatures can be emailed to you on a opt in basis as well as other information that we capture like the weight of each box we collect and delivery. Knowing who signed for your boxes when you get to the stand might just help if you can't instantly see them and remind that person that they did take them from our driver.

The system is able to do plenty of other things as well as take signatures and photos. Each pick up and delivery can be location tagged and if like many of our clients you work with other departments who have different budget lines for a book fair we can provide you with a complete list of everything that was sent to your stand and even send a separate invoice to other departments or individuals.

If you would like to know more about the system or want to see a demo us do let know.