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Last date for Bologna Shipping


With just under three weeks to go before Bologna Book Fair opens you and your colleagues are probably working flat out to hit your advance shipping date. 

Just in case something won't be ready until the very last minute we can still help you get it to your stand. You will find our collections running up to midday Friday 22nd before we head south of the channel to make sure we start our delivery's in the hall from 9am on Sunday 24th.

We're a service that's all about wringing every possible minute out of a deadline and we aim to make it a simple and painless as possible. Our rates are never more than £4 per kilo with no minimum fees or weights meaning you only pay for what you send.

If you think you might need help after your advance shipment has left we'd love to talk about how we can help. To start that conversation simply call 020 3287 4198 email or tweet us. It never hurts to have a back-up plan.


Boxes to Bologna

Bologna Childrens dates poster.png

We have to admit that there is more than a little rock n roll in some of the staff here at The BFV.

Jason still plays in a band, Ruth might just be our version of Robin Sparkles because she won't talk about her musical past, Daniel was a roadie and Tyron drove for a minor boy band .It's a problem making a play list for the trip but what we all agree on is that getting your last minute material through France and in to Italy is just like a short tour, vans, gear and motorway service stations. 

We think you are all pretty clued up or have people around you who have handled the odd book fair or ten, so you've already booked in with people who go in advance which means getting everything ready to leave at least one week in before the fair opens. But when something needs longer because it just does what happens then?

Book in with us and we will still get it to your stand for the morning of Sunday set up on the 24th and you've got yourself covered just in case because everyone has "Boxes to Bologna ..."

Nationwide collections 21st March with a special offer.

Central London Collections 22th March.

To find out more call 020 3287 4198, email or tweet us.

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Free collection outside of London for publishers exhibiting at Bologna Book Fair.


If you are a regular visitor to this blog you already know that Book Fair Vans works hard to provide a delivery service just for publishers going to European trade fairs and prides itself on wringing out as much time as possible on the run up to a trade fair like Bologna without blowing a huge hole in your budget.

Bologna is no exception with our service leaving central London at midday on Friday 22nd March arriving at your stand during the morning of Sunday 24th, leaving you with plenty of time to unpack, set up and look forward to a quiet pre- show evening out on the town. We charge £4.00 per kilo no minimum weight or spend which means you pay for what you send.

Book Fair Vans is pleased to announce that this year we’re able to extend our free collection service outside of the London publishing community and help you whether you are in Brighton, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford or anywhere else on the UK mainland.

We are keen to make working with us as simple and as transparent as possible, it helps you with time and keeps costs down and will definitely give you more time to get everything ready that you need for your four days in Bologna, so in that spirit of simple and transparent this is what we would like to offer you.

The internet is chocked full of online parcel services operating in the UK most of them aggregators like ParcelMonkey and Parcels2Go, there are others and you might already know them.

The two we’ve mentioned offer a next day by 12pm service meaning that you can book collections for Thursday 21st that will arrive with us the next morning in time to catch our departure. The rates that we’ve found show that you can send a parcel on the next day service weighing up to 25 Kilos and measuring 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for around £15.00 including vat. Many of the options include tracking and proof of delivery which helps.

We think is a pretty good deal, we certainly couldn’t send you one of our vans and staff for anything close to that price and we don’t believe in charging extra for filling out a web form and sending you a few emails about your parcel, it’s easier and cheaper if you book it directly with the supplier.

If you decide to send us your last minute material this way we will be more than happy to take that £15 cost off your bill with us and we’ll also refund the same amount if you already have a courier that you work with. If it turns out that you need to send more than one parcel the same thing applies, we’ll refund that as well. 

Once it with us we’ll book it on to our POD system, weigh it so you’ll know how much it’s going to cost, email or call to say it’s arrived safely and get it on with the journey to Bologna . We can also show you how we are doing on the journey by share our where via Glympse.

We hope that’s simple and transparent but we are very happy to have a quick conversation with you on 020 3287 4198 or by email if you have any questions.