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Tracking your boxes

We posted recently asking whether it would make a difference to you if we used some form of tracking software it seems that it would.

After some searching and testing we've decided to use Glympse not as a way of telling you when we will be delivering but as a way of comfirming the timing we agreed with you.

Glympse works as a way of showing in real time, where we are, what speed we are travelling at and how long before we arrive in the hall. You can access it via email, text message or even through a twitter account. Just ask us to send you a link and we will take care of the rest. All you'll need to do is click on the link and watch us on the map.

Whilst we completely trust you the people who will be using this we need to be mindful of our team and their locations and hope you will understand that when it comes to overnight stop locations the links will be switched off, just in case anything untowards happens, after all who would have thought that twitter would get hacked.