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Tyron Goes to Frankfurt

Just like you we all talk about what we do with our friends. BFV staffers get lots of positive interest when they say "I've just got back from Bologna or Frankfurt". On the face of it why wouldn't we? Of course those of you who end up working on a stand know the reality of attending a trade fair, too much work, not enough hours in the day, hotel rooms that blend into one and let’s not forget Wi-Fi that never works in the way it should, strange meals in restaurant that don't match the reviews and an intimate knowledge of the city you are in as long as that's on your route from hotel to hall and back again.

It's fair to say that we get a lot of unsolicited offers of help from people that we all know or meet to come along on our next trip. Once we have explained how tough the work is, how long the driving days are, how much manual labour is involved and how little time there is to shop most withdraw with good grace however the odd few make it onto a list of people we can call on. 

Tyron is one of those rare people that did. Known to several of us at Book Fair Vans he fits with our policy of working with people that we know, like and trust so when we needed some extra help with London collections for Frankfurt last October he moved from the list to working with us.

After a day of visiting clients he headed back to BFV garages thinking in his own words that “This was easy" and not quiet understanding what "All the fuss was about.” Those of us who have done the odd trip or twenty to Frankfurt thought his comments were a little glib not to say premature as he had done the easy bit when his last insistence overlapped with an incoming call from a client needing another van and driver to get there under-estimated load to Frankfurt he gamely volunteered to drive out.

480 miles later in one day he arrived at our hotel telling everyone he could how tough a day he'd had and to be fair to Tyron it was a tough one, a late departure, delays on Eurotunnel and foul weather between Liege and Frankfurt was more than a baptism of fire for anyone.

As the evening went on, just like the fisherman and the tale of the one that got a way, the weather got worse, the delay longer and as for the time he left London well let’s just say he come close to making a fully loaded van travel quicker that a F1 car round the Nurburgring which he is sure he lapped on the way. All this was very entertaining but it was topped the next day when the business of unloading and dropping to stands happens with Tyron deciding that he simply couldn't walk round the Messe without wearing his sunglasses.  

You can imagine the looks from the stand contractors as Tyron arrived to deliver consignments! Suffice to say he took it all with good humour and he's firmly on our list of people to work with because he delivered and repaid our trust.

You might be wondering about the picture, we couldn't persuade him to pose for a picture and this is the best likeness we could find, oh and its got sunglasses as well Tyron….

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