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We've lost a Cheese shop in Bologna.

It’s embarrassing, I have to ask for help because I’d like to visit it again and I didn’t write down the address. To make it more difficult I didn’t visit it last year and I’m relying on my memory, which isn’t my greatest feature.

I’d love to be able to find it again because it was full of wonderfully aged, 18 month, 3 and 5 year old parmesan. Floor to ceiling, a very helpful owner who vacuums packed everything I bought and a perfect buying experience.

We stayed at the Tri Vecchi on Via dell’ Indipendenza and it was on one of the side streets nearby. Normally I’d just take a stroll until find it but as we tend to leave when the show opens, time will be a little tight and I’d rather find it than walk around without.

If anyone knows the shop I’m talking about do pop me an email to , leave a comment here to send us a tweet @thebfv

If you help me find this shop I'll make sure we carry a boxes for you free of charge.

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