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Arriving in Four weeks time.

It's four weeks until we arrive at Bologna book fair and start delivering the last minute items people have asked us to get to their stands.

This is probably too early to start thinking about last minute collection but just in case.

Most of what we carry will have been collected during Friday, normally packed in boxes that we deliver to clients the day before pre-labelled with all the right details on it. It’s usually sales materials that haven’t made it through the internal process in time to meet another shipper’s deadline. For us it’s great we love to help and if we leave later then the other people you use great.

When we look at the figures average orders are four boxes which means that some people send one box and others a few more, whatever the quantity that’s fine we don’t have a minimum order and you only pay for what you send.

So we work later, give you boxes and don’t have a minimum order.

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Youn ever know what’s going to happen in the next four weeks.

Daniel is our head of last minute, exhibitions since the early 80’s veteran, trained counsellor and Swiss army knife carrier. Loves driving through France because people avoid the motorways, hates paying to cross boarders just because they have a tunnel dug through a mountain…..