While none of us at Book Fair Vans would ever think about wishing away a summer and we don’t like the idea of thinking about early October it seems only sensible to let you know that our late van service to Frankfurt will be running again leaving central London during the afternoon of Monday 6th October with delivery to your stand from 10 am the next morning Tuesday 7th October.

Whether you only have one box small box of must have material, catalogues that always seems to miss your early van, display material that’s too awkward to take with you  or work to a just in time process which means you’ll have a lot of boxes to send we’re happy to help and take them over to your corner of the Messe with the minimum of fuss so that you can concentrate on all the other things that need you attention in those hectic last few days in the office before you head over to Frankfurt Book Fair.

As always we continue to work to a no minimum charge or weight policy so you only pay for what you send with us. We weigh, book in your boxes on our proof of delivery system and tell you how much your bill will be before we arrive at your stand meaning no nasty surprises when you get back from your 4 days hard work.

Simply email or call 020 3287 4198 and we’ll book you in for a collection with no commitment. If you don’t need us or change your mind it won’t cost you a penny and you can work away on everything else knowing that there is someone ready to help out at the last minute to get whatever you need to your stand.